Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fillets and Steaks Recipes

Striped Bass with Orange Gremolata

John Dory with Tomato Cream Sauce

Chilean Sea Bass with Cherry Tomatoes and Basil Mousse

Sable with Balsamic Orange Ginger Glaze

Seared Skate Wing

Grilled swordfish with bagna caoda

Trout fried in almonds

Monkfish Osso Buco

Glazed Salmon with Dijon Mustard Sauce

Bluefish Fajitas

Grilled Swordfish with Tomatillo Salsa Verde and Watermelon Radishes

Bluefish Burgers

Grilled Salmon with Avocado and Mango Salsa

Halibut Basted with Bagna Caoda

Sole with Crab and Spinach Stuffing

Red snapper with veggie ribbons

Slow Roasted Salmon With Chive Oil

Swordfish Kebabs with Aioli

Escolar with Garlic and Herbs

Poached Halibut with Cilantro Cream and Oranges

Seared Striped Bass with Green Curry

Swordfish Proven├žal

Seared Trout with Braised Fennel

Braised Flounder with Carrot-Currant Stuffing

Striped Bass with Celery Root and Asparagus

Poached Salmon with Orange Cream Sauce

Roasted Pollock with Green Beans and Tomatoes

Salmon Teriyaki

Seared Tuna with Pomegranate Topping

Bluefish with Crispy Potatoes

Pan Roasted Halibut with Sage

Grilled Tuna Steaks

Grilled Bluefish

Seared Arctic Char with Apples and Mustard Cream

Sable in Balsamic Soy Broth


Anonymous said...

Hello! I dislike fish for the most part, but I'd like to start eating it. I was going to start with halibut/sole like you recommended. I printed off the recipe of the seared halibut w/ potatoes and tomatoes, and I was wondering if you had any recipes that put sole to use. I'm not a fan of crab or spinach....
Thank you! You have an amazing blog.

Helen said...

there is a search box in the upper left hand corner of my blog. Just type in whatever fish you are searching for and you'll get all the recipes I have for that fish. If you don't like crab or spinach, substitute them with whatever filling you like. Improvising is a good thing :)


Helen said...

Here is one a search might not have picked up:

Flounder with carrot-currant stuffing

Flounder and Grey sole are pretty much the same thing and can be used interchangeably.