Sunday, October 30, 2005

Technique of the Week

Hands-on salad

How to make fish stock

On board -- a closer look at knife's best friend

A juicy guide to citrus fruit

Playing with fire -- how to broil

The cutting edge -- how to choose and sharpen knives

How to make pasta dough

How to Work with Leeks

How to Cook Swiss Chard

How to season (and all about salt)

How to grill fish

How to cook a whole fish

FAQ about Herbs

How to cook asparagus

Making Pie and Tart Dough (pâte brisée)

Rolling out and baking tart dough

Making sushi rice

Sectioning an orange

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Anonymous said...

A good trick for avoiding that "fishy" smell when you cook fish indoors is to leave a small, open dish of bleach in the kitchen while you cook. This works best if it's up high. I put mine on top of the fridge (this also prevents me from accidentally knocking it over while I cook). Leave it there for about an hour after you've cooked the fish and when you clean it up, you'll notice an oily layer on top. Sounds weird, but it works!