Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Halibut Dressed as T-Bone? Mais Oui!

There was a good article in NY Times today about David Burke's view on fish: if it doesn't have fat, flavor, and caramelization, it's not worth eating. "I don't want to go out and order red snapper with fava beans," he said, "It just doesn't do it for me." He is no fish phobe; he just thinks that fish should be treated with the same culinary bravado as meat rather than left in the timid health-food-land. He cooks all fish with the skin and on the bone to preserve every bit of moistur and fat.


and it's to be sought out, not thrown out. When cooked this way, even mild halibut can withstand a steak treatment with pepper, a good sear, and all. Burke also recommends that you don't rush to flip your fish -- really let it brown.


I have to say that I greatly agree with him. One of the reasons I cook fish 3-4 times a week is because I treat it like meat. I am not stingy with salt and usually go for bold flavors. I sear, grill and broil more than poach, steam, and bake. Just because it tastes good, doesn't mean it's bad for you. The Gods of healthy eating don't always require sacrificies.

Halibut Dressed as T-Bone (NY Times link requires registration)

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