Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Purple poppies

I know I am not a great writer because my work sucks during the time of sadness and sickness. The truly great writers thrive on pain, and I am just the opposite. I need to be happy to write. Maybe it's the genre. Food is just not dark or disturbing enough. It doesn't make you question what's wrong with society or your life. Food politics might be the only food related topic that will get you down, but it's really not my thing. That's why there hasn't been anything new on Beyond Salmon for the last week. Jason was sick, then I was sick and had to reschedule 2 classes not to get my students sick. Things are finally starting to get better. Jason was back to work yesterday and he brought me these purple poppies to cheer me up. Aren't they beautiful! I've never seen purple poppies before. I put them on my desk next to the picture of us and our baby and they made me smile all day :)

And this time, I have a happier excuse for not having a blog post. I was working on a story for Culinate. I can't tell you what it's about since it isn't published yet. But here are my recent published stories that you might like to explore:

Fat Fads -- it’s not just about whether it’s good for you

No more tears -- mastering onion slicing and dicing

Old Wives’ Fish Tales
-- True or False? You should always cook fish the day you buy it.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! I'm glad everyone's feeling better now, Helen.

I think maybe we food bloggers choose to write about food because it IS positive and happy and nurturing by its very nature.

I saw your Culinate article Old Wives' Fish Tales, by the way. Very informative!

Opus One said...

It is amazing what colors one finds in flowers. I finished college in Holland and was always amazed when I drove around the countryside at the immense variety of just one kind of flower, tulips, that exist.

Like food, it is short lived, but that just adds to the enjoyment.

Glad you are better. I did not know you were sick last week when we talked or I would have put off the questions.

Time to enjoy the spring, yeah!

Helen said...

Hi Terry and Mark,

Thanks so much for the good wishes and enjoy the spring :)


Unknown said...

The other bad part about being sick is that so often you aren't hungry or don't feel like eating, so of course you don't feel like thinking or writing about food!

Helen said...

Hi RecipeRiotQueen,

Oh, I couldn't agree with you more. I don't really feel like eating or cooking at the moment, but hopefully it gets better soon.


Anonymous said...

The flowers are beautiful, but they are anemones, not poppies!

Cyndi said...

Glad you're doing better! I just made your Fish with Crispy Potatoes; was wondering about the olive oil - I buttered the pan with butter, but then only used about 2 teaspoons TOTAL for the potatoes, and then drizzled a tiny bit on the fish. Is that about what you meant? This dish turned out SOOOO good. I'll be posting about it on my blog later.

Helen said...

Hi Cyndi,

It doesn't matter if you use butter or oil, as long as you use enough of it to make potatoes crispy. If it tasted good, you did it right :)