Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Beyond Salmon Not-so-extreme Makeover

Ok everyone -- don't panic. Beyond Salmon didn't go through any mergers or acquisitions (ha-ha, just the idea of that sounds hilarious). It just got a little face lift. After blogging for almost 2 years, I thought I should finally go beyond (no pun intended) the basic blogger templates. I hope my feeble attempt at graphic design does not prevent you from visiting. Sorry if the site was occasionally broken in the past couple of days. There is no good way to fix and preview your template without making the changes live. What I ended up doing eventually is creating a whole new test blog just to do that. But I think I am done messing with things for now. If you find any bugs or usability issues (like the font sizes and colors are hard to read), please let me know.

And here is a picture to celebrate the new orange-green color scheme. We found these incredible braided carrots when picking up our CSA produce yesterday. "It's the three of you!" said the farmer to Jason and me pointing at my belly.


Kalyn Denny said...

Very lovely. I have no idea how to do most of this myself, so without my brother my blog would be totally bare. I love the cucumber rolls in the header and the layout is very nice and well-organized. Good job!

Pam said...

Now that the, let's call it "strong" orange upper banner background is gone, it looks very nice.

However, the last N previous posts aren't there any more, and I used those links far more than the school of fish links.

I love the banner image at the top.

Anonymous said...

Looks gorgeous, Helen!

Helen said...

Hi Pam,

If you scroll down, you'll see the last N previous posts under the "Blog Archive" title in the left column. Hmm, maybe I should move them a bit higher up...

Thanks so much for letting me know. Otherwise, it's really hard to tell what you guys use.


BipolarLawyerCook said...

I _still_ like the new design. Time for me to start tinkering with my own, but I'm not yet so brave as all that.

By the way, don't think I've come out of the blog closet since I quit Chowhound-- Notorious EMDB here. : )

tammy said...

Ooooo, pretty. I love the orange and green.

SteamyKitchen said...

beautiful site! I love it.

SteamyKitchen said...

btw, the photography is looking great on your site. new camera?

Helen said...

Hi Steamy Kitchen,

Nope. No new camera. I've had it since last september and I love it (it's Nikon D50). The reason that some pictures are much better than others is the lighting. If I manage to take them during daylight, they are much better :)


Anonymous said...


It looks great! I've been playing with a new template myself for a month or two but just can't get all the tweaking down to set it loose on the world.
I bet it's all that redecorating at home that got you inspired.

Helen said...

Hi Jo,

Great to hear from you! It's mostly sitting here waiting for the baby to arrive that got me inspired :) Great opportunity to catch up on all the projects that kept slipping off my plate while I was working.


Anonymous said...

New look is good. I only will change background for left("navigation") side to separate it from main text like on comments.
Kiss you,

Helen said...

Hi Daddy,

Thanks for leaving me a comment :) I think it's your first one, right?

You see, I am not actually writing HTML and CSS for the blog. It's all done with templates through the software I use called "blogger." I have some control over things (like I can change colors and fonts easily), but not full control (like change the background on only the left column). I believe it's actually kind of standard to have the same background for the whole page. My previous template had that too.

Big hug,

mary grimm said...

So far, I like it. I love the banner picture.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Helen! Looking forward to more of your fabulous posts.

Unknown said...

love the carrot story! oh, and the new layout too.