Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Mom in the News!

I called my Mom last friday to double check who is bringing flour, cilantro, and oranges to the vacation house in the Berkshires. "Um, honey... Can I call you back? The photographer from the Baltimore Sun is here." Oh my! This is serious.



Mrs. M. said...

It's schi! (Or schee or schee?) Great article about your mom's borsch.

ammi said...

Hi Helen!
What a great article (and pic of your mom). Definitely the right time of year for barszt. I just moved to the Berkshires from Belmont, and it's nice to know you were here. I've been following your blog for about two years. In fact I am now pregnant for the first time and have been revisiting your entries from a year ago!

My great-grandfather was from Lviv, though Polish. I did Peace Corps in Poland and loved the soups there (sadly I have never yet been to Russia). I've made some red beet soups but I loved the white "bialy barszt" they mentioned and ate it whenever I could. I'm embarrassed to say I only made that one from a mix, though - and am surpised to learn (from the Sun article) that the base is pickle


Rachel said...

How fun! The Sun is really getting into food lately, they are coming to my house this week for a story on marshmallows! said...

You have one of the most visually appealing blogs, I love your template design as well as the photos you use for your postings.

As for today's post about Borscht, it reminds me of the year that I lived in Kiev. Our housekeeper made this soup for us at least once a week during the winter.

And thank you for sharing your happy news about your newspaper article, it sounds as if your mother is also a very talented cook. How wonderful that you are able to share the love of cooking with her.


Helen said...

Yulinka, you got it. Schi it is :) (Or schee or schee?) I am not sure of the spelling either.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the article with your mom. Very cool! Lovely pic! Can't guess the soup. Have you made and posted about it here?


Unknown said...

Oh, the fraud comment is so typical I had to laugh!

Nice picture of your mom.

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Helen--What a wonderful article! Also sounds like your vacation was absolutely lovely. And so is your mom.