Sunday, May 31, 2009

Range Saga, part 2.5 -- induction update

Range saga, part 1
Range saga, part 2

When I started blogging about my range saga, many readers suggested induction. I haven't thought about it much as an option, until my good friends D + TW left me a comment that I can buy their brand new Kenmore Elite and they'll buy induction cook top. Well, not really (they are not quite ready for the investment induction takes after buying a condo in Cambridge). But they thought this would be a good way to make their point: induction rocks!

After doing a little research yesterday, I figured I might as well consider it. Sure, I still won't have a decent broiler, but the heat responsiveness sounded phenomenal. I found out how to test my pots an pans for "inductivity," and headed to the kitchen. Since induction only works on magnetic surfaces, you can stick a refrigerator magnet to the bottom of your pan and see whether it sticks or not. I peeled my dentist's magnet of the fridge and set to work. With each pan, I was getting more and more discouraged. It worked on:
  • cast iron skillet
  • 2 quart stainless all-clad saucier
  • 4 quart stainless all-clad saucepan
It did not work on:
  • 12 Inch WearEver non-stick saute pan
  • 9 inch non-stick crepe pan
  • 8 inch cheapy non-stick pan that I use for omelettes (I don't even know the brand)
  • 8 quart Cuisinart stockpot
  • 10 inch all-clad skillet (oops, I totally forgot that I got Master Chef series for that, not stainless steal)
  • 12 inch Cuisinart saute pan
I expected the non-stick pans to be problematic, but I didn't expect to have to replace my stock pot, favorite 10 inch skillet, and a large saute pan. To replace all those with induction ready cookware, I'd have to spend at least $700.

Hmm... back to the drawing board.


Unknown said...

For me, upgrading from my 5-year old Simply Calphalon to All-Clad was worth every penny. I ADORE my induction cooker. I also have gas (that was already here) but I use my induction cooker whenever possible.

If I were changing the cooktop, I'd definitely go for induction these days. SO much easier to clean and handle. I've long been a fan of gas ranges (def. over electric) but I'm a convert.

Good luck in any case.

You might want to think about what your students are going to have in their kitchens. If they're going to have lower-powered residential stoves, then you might be better off showing them how to handle those - isn't that why you wanted gas over induction anyway?

J Rod said...

There's also a site about induction cooking that has a few videos and explain how induction cooking works. It's easier to read than the link you posted