Thursday, September 29, 2011

Last few weeks to buy real garlic

Yesterday, I made the last garlic pilgrimage to the Wayland farmers' market for this year.  This is the only market the "garlic guy" from Old Sudbury Garlic Farm comes to.  As I found out from the farmer's market website, his name is Michael O'Connor.  But to me, he'll always be the garlic guy because what he grows is just unbeatable.  Comparing his garlic to the stuff you buy in the supermarkets (even Whole Foods) is like comparing Burgundy Premier Cru to a Two Buck Chuck.  But I've tried garlic from many local farms and Michael's is the best.  Best flavor, no blemishes, perfectly cured, and lasts forever.  I just bought myself 2 Lb to last me through the fall and beginning of winter.  The prices are very fair too.  A pound is only $7.

The only kind he had last month was German White.  But right now he is also selling Spanish Roja, Music, Siberian, and Italian (the exact name of Italian escapes me).  Michael should be at the market until mid-October, so you still have a few weeks to stock up on garlic.  Don't worry, his garlic won't start growing in a week the way supermarket garlic does.  I kept my last batch for a month and a half with no ill effects.  The best way to store it is in a cool, dark, and dry place.

Michael can be found at

Wayland Farmers' Market at Russell's Garden Center
Wednesdays, 12pm-5pm
June 22- Oct 12, 2011

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