Monday, February 13, 2012

Searing Fish Video

Few fish cooking methods are more delightful than searing a fillet in the skillet to produce a perfectly crispy skin and juicy flesh.  No wonder this technique became the darling of restaurant chefs.  But when you try to do it at home, here is what often happens: the fish sticks to the pan, refuses to brown, and some species curl up leaving you with rubbery skin and unevenly cooked flesh.  Here is a video that will solve all of your fish searing problems so that you can sear like a pro.

YouTube link: Searing Fish

23 down / 27 more to go


Nika said...

This is excellent advice! I have been making recipes from your blog for over 2 years now, mostly the fish ones, and very quietly, because I still have a lot to learn... But I figured I have to thank you at some point! This was, by far, the most useful technique video on fish I have seen anywhere! Thank you for making it :)

Helen said...

Hi Nika,

So glad the video was helpful! Enjoy all your fish cooking adventures.


Chris @ Shared Appetite said...

Such a fantastic step-by-step video! Thanks so much for all your awesome advice!

Kari said...

Love the tip about scoring the skin. Sablefish/black cod is one of the worst culprits as far as curling up. This technique helps a lot - great to see it demonstrated!