Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Soft Boiled Egg (Video)

This Mother's day, surprise your Mom with the most stunning soft boiled eggs.  As any mother will tell you, it's not how much time you spend in the kitchen that counts, it's how wisely you'll spend it.  The eggs take 5 minutes, during this time you can hollow out a few brioche rolls and load them with smoked salmon, pea shoots, or whatever goodies you have on hand.  It takes another 5 minutes to peel the eggs and plop them into these nests.  Voila -- Mother's Day brunch in 10 minutes!

YouTube Link: Soft Boiled Eggs
More Videos: Helen's Kitchen Channel

It's not wrong color balance (though I am guilty of that at times) -- the eggs in the video are indeed blue.  In the Boston area, they are available at Whole Foods.  They peel like a charm and have huge, delightfully rich yolks.  

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