Friday, March 23, 2012

Homemade Pasta Part 3: cooking and saucing

Homemade Pasta Part 1: the dough video
Homemade Pasta Part 2: the shaping video
After all the work we've done in the dough and shaping videos, it's about time we cook ourselves a bowl of pasta. How does trofie al pesto sound? I am sure you have cooked dry pasta before, but fresh pasta is a completely different animal.

YouTube Link: Cooking Fresh Pasta (Trofie al Pesto)

28 down / 22 more to go

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Sally said...

Helen, I have really enjoyed this whole pasta series. It even (almost) makes me want to make it :) Really, it would be a fun project to do with kids, and of course, the results cannot be duplicated any other way.