Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stirring the Pot

What is the secret to perfectly cooked pasta, bechamel, or risotto? A well stirred pot, of course! How confident are you about your stirring technique? Does the length of your spoon matter? What about the quality of water? Direction of stirring? Salt type? Find out the answer to all your stirring questions in this enlightening video.

YouTube Link: How to Stir a Pot of Water

30 down / 20 more to go


Anonymous said...

Lol. I love April 1.

bkida said...

OF course! OMG, you totally had me and I was left shaking my head saying, "Why The Face!" - (watch Modern Family- you'll get it). In any case I didn't open this until today, 4/2 and thought surely, Helen's flipped her lid....It wasn't until I got downstairs to get the nightly dinner going starting with brown rice and then it hit me and I laughed out loud! Good one, Helen!!

Anonymous said...

AAahhhh, I've been doing it wrong this whole time!! ;D Hilarious vid!