Thursday, October 26, 2017

Planning a Holiday Meal (Thanksgiving with One Oven)


Dorothy said...

- People rarely think of serving ham cold, but it’s great. Ham is already cooked. The morning of Thanksgiving, slice your ham and arrange it on a platter. Serve it with a nice grainy mustard and with your favorite cranberry sauce.

- Cranberry sauce is high in both acid and sugar. Make a big batch now to see you through to Super Bowl Sunday. It will keep in the fridge fine, but it also freezes well. Don’t forget to add a pinch of salt to it.

- Don’t forget your slow cooker for heating up a pre-made soup or potato dish, then keeping it warm.

- As Helen said, delegate. If someone offers to bring something say yes. Even if they can’t cook, they can bring booze and ice.

- Don’t be afraid to buy some stuff. Rolls, pies, whatever you don’t really enjoy making are good candidates for buying. Delegate someone to run out on a Thanksgiving morning to pick up the store-bought items if needed.

Helen said...

Great tips Dorothy! I agree that you should only make dishes you enjoy and buy the rest :)