Monday, September 5, 2011

Claw and Pinch Grip Video

You know how they remade the Star Wars movies a few years ago? Well, I remade my claw grip video. The last video was one of my first and it really sucked. Why should you be excited about this? Because mastering the claw grip is crucial to accurate and bloodless chopping. If you think about it, the remake of the claw grip video might be more life changing for you than the remake of the Star Wars. Don't you chop veggies more often than travelling to other galaxies?

Youtube link: Claw and Pinch Grip -- How to keep blood out of your veggies

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Ben David said...

Just landed on your website via steamykitchen. WOW what a great video - I've been struggling with knife technique based on Julia Child and other books - what a difference a video demo makes! Lots of fine points I was not even aware of!

AND Django Reinhardt for the background music! Yes!


Stephanie said...

Very well done. I'm gonna practice this technique. Also enjoyed your sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Helen, for the great lesson. I'll have to watch your video a few times and practice majorly. I wish I could attend your classes. You appear to be a great teacher.

bkida said...

Just when I thought I knew how to slice and dice, Helen steered me straight with this clear, concise video. Well edited and produced packed with information and a little humor. If I could make one critique, Helen, your accent is wonderful so if you could slow down the dialogue just a smidge, we'd all enjoy it that much more. Of course, I may have been living in the South a bit too long so take that comment with a grain of salt. :-)

Anna said...

This is very good. Love the music:-)

Anonymous said...

When I lift up the knife blade to chop something somewhat big, like an onion or a bunch of cabbage, my right wrist can get tired if there is a lot of stuff to cut. do you have any comments about how to prevent wrist tiredness/pain?

Helen said...

If you are chopping something big like cabbage, you do lift the knife off the board, but make sure the front of the knife lands on the board before the back does. The sharper your knife, the less you'll have to push, so you'll be less tired. A lot of it is practice. You develop certain muscles when you chop a lot. If you cut 3 onions a week, you'll be way more tired from them than the restaurant prep cooks, who chop 30 onions a day :)

Oh, and make sure those onions are way in the back of your knife. The closer they are to the front, the more you need to lift your knife. And the knife should be at least 8 inches long.