Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dicing and Mincing a Shallot (Video)

A shallot is cook's best friend (at least French cook's) -- like an onion, but with more finesse.  Most of the time shallots are used in diced and minced form, and it doesn't hurt to know how to do that correctly. Keep in mind that if you hack up that shallot into large irregular pieces, the finesse and elegance go out the window.

Here are some dishes to inspire you to practice dicing and mincing shallots
Arctic Char Tartar
Beet Orange Risotto

Bluefish with Gin and Lime Butter

Salads that won't wilt

This concludes our series of crying videos. Next week, we'll move onto tasks that don't require goggles or a box of tissues.

6 down / 44 more to go

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Billy Higdon said...

I use the same method... I learned it originally from some Gordon Ramsay video on youtube. I prefer yours! :)