Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Layered Omelettes Video

YouTube Link: Layered Omelettes
More Videos: Helen's Kitchen Channel

For each omelette:
1/3 cup whole milk
2 tsp all-purpose flour
2 large eggs
1.2 g salt (slightly heaping 1/4 tsp of Diamond Crystal Kosher salt)*
black pepper (pinch)
1-2 tsp chopped chives (optional)
1 Tbsp of unsalted butter (for cooking)
1 tps unsalted butter (for fininshing)
fillings of your choice (in the video, I am using broccoli, but my favorite is the mushroom puree from this post).

* for other salts (including Morton's Kosher) the volume will be very different.  Use the nutrition info on the side of the box to figure out what 1.2 g of your salt is in teaspoons or experiment and figure out how much you like to use.


Anna said...

Very nice video. I always wondered why people put flour in their omelets. I think I will make this tomorrow morning. I will have to flip. No broiler.

Helen said...

No broiler? It doesn't need to be a gas broiler, any broiler will do. I think all ovens have them. Flipping without getting the top to set is very challenging. I suggest you preheat your oven to 500F and pop the pan into it for just a minute to set the top at least a little before trying to flip. My Mom flips them without putting them under the broiler and the top is completely wet, but that takes a lot of practice to master.