Monday, October 31, 2011

Herbs Video

Do you spend too much time removing leaves from thyme?  How about cutting basil into thin ribbons, or mincing enough parsley to make tabbouleh?  Working with herbs doesn't need to be labor intensive if you know a few tricks.

Youtube link: Mincing herbs

Videos you might want to watch before this one:

Do you want to know how to wash and store your herbs, how to substitute one herb for another, best time to add herbs to your dish, or what to do with leftovers?  Check out my FAQ about Herbs.

It was hard to choose which dishes to post here that would encourage you to mince some herb.  Almost all of my dishes use herbs (they are my 4th favorite ingredient after salt, olive oil, and lemon juice :)  But here are some ideas:

Striped Bass with Orange Gremolata
Illustrated Guide to Ratatouille
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Anonymous said...

I really love learning your techniques Helen. You are so clever. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Cheryl

Anna said...

I just bought fresh rosemary for the first time and was like 'now what' Luckily I had enough sense not to mince the stem in with the rest of the needles.

Laura and Roger said...

ALways learning from you, Helen. Thank you! Laura