Sunday, November 27, 2011

Julienne and Brunoise Video (and tips on madoline use)

YouTube link: Julienne and Brunoise

Videos you might want to watch before this one:
Jan 30, 2012 update: Thanks to the recommendations of my wonderful readers and students, I bought myself a pair of cut resistant gloves.  If your hand slips, you won't cut yourself (I tried to do it on purpose to see how cut resistant the glove really is).  But I find that holding the vegetable in the glove is a bit more awkward because they are a tad too big on me.  

Here are a few dishes to detox after Thanksgiving and practice your julienne and brunoise skills.
Barley Almond Salad with Zucchini and Red Peppers


Anonymous said...

Infrequent mandoline users may find it worth purchasing a pair of Kevlar gloves to protect their fingertips from the blade. While a glove is not a reason to throw caution to the wind, it does provide protection against the occasional mistake.

Helen said...

Thanks so much for the tip on Kevlar gloves. Do you use them? Can you send me a link to the gloves you have? I looked on amazon, but many people say they are not nearly as cut resistant as they are supposed to be. My concern is that unless they fit you perfectly, they make holding a vegetable a lot clumsier, which means you won't have nearly as much control as with bare hands. They'd better be very cut resistant to make this trade off worth it.

Anonymous said...

I use them. The ones I have I got from Amazon

Some of the reviews say they don't work, I haven't had an issue but then again I'm not deliberately running my finger across the blade. I find the gloves stretchy and comfortable enough to wear when using the mandoline. I also use them when using a microplane so I get just grated vegetable and not flesh.

Maybe in the interest of research for your readers you'd want to get a pair and test the cut resistance of the gloves, using something like a carrot or other vegetable inside the glove and not your finger!

Helen said...

Thanks! I'll try them and report back :)